Standing Committees

Vihiga County Assembly Standing Committees Comprises of:

  1. Appointments Committee.
    The Appointments committee is established in accordance to the dictates of standing Order no.185.   That;

    • The  Committee  on Appointments is appointed by the County Assembly and consists of the Speaker as a Chairperson, the Leader of the Majority Party, the Leader of the Minority party and not more than three other Members nominated by the County Assembly Business Committee, on the basis of proportional Party Membership in the County Assembly taking  into  consideration  the  numerical  strength  of  the  Parties  and  interests  of Independent  Members.
    • The Committee on Appointments is appointed within seven  days  on assembly of a new County Assembly and  serves for period of three years and that appointed thereafter shall serve for the remainder of the term of the County Assembly
    • In  the  absence  of  the  Speaker,  the  Committee  shall  elect  a  member,  from amongst its members to chair the meeting.
    • The Committee on Appointments shall consider, for approval by the  County Assembly, appointments under Articles  179(2)  (Members  of  County  Executive Committees).
  2. Budget  and Appropriations Committee
    The Budget and Appropriation Committee is established in accordance with the provisions of Standing Order no.187.  That;
    There  shall  be  a  select  Committee  to  be  known  as  the  County  Budget  and Appropriations Committee.
    The Committee   consists of a chairperson,  and not  more  than  eight  other Members.
    The functions of the Committee are to-

    • Investigate,  inquire  into  and  report  on  all  matters  related  to  coordination, control and monitoring of the of the county budget,
    • Discuss and review the estimates and make recommendations to the County Assembly; examine the County  Budget  Policy  Statement  presented  to  the  County Assembly;
    • Examine Bills related to the national budget, including  Appropriations  Bills; and evaluate tax estimates, economic and budgetary policies and programmes with direct budget outlays.
    • The County  Budget and Appropriations  Committee constituted  by the  County Assembly  immediately  following  the  general  election shall  serve  for  a  period  of three calendar years and that constituted thereafter shall serve for the remainder of the County Assembly term.
  3. Committee on Implementation
    The Committee on Implementation is established under the Standing Order no.189.
    The Committee on Implementation Scrutinizes the resolutions  of  the  County  Assembly (including adopted committee reports), petitions and the undertakings given by the County Executive Committee and examine –

    • whether or not such decisions and undertakings have been implemented and where  implemented,  the  extent  to  which  they  have  been  implemented;  and whether  such  implementation  has  taken  place  within  the minimum time necessary; and
    • whether  or  not  legislation  passed  by  the  County  Assembly  has  been operationalized  and  where  operationalized,  the  extent  to  which  such operationalization has taken place within the minimum time necessary.
    • The  Committee  may  propose  to  the  County  Assembly, sanctions  against  any member  of  the  County  Executive  Committee  who  fails  to  report  to  the  relevant select Committee on implementation status without justifiable reasons.
  4. Committee on Delegated Legislation.
    The committee is established pursuant to standing order no.190 of Vihiga County Assembly Standing Orders.
    The committee scrutinizes any statutory instrument submitted to the County Assembly pursuant the Constitution, any law or the Standing Orders.
    The Committee considers in respect of any statutory instrument whether it-

    • Is  in  accord  with  the  provisions  of  the  Constitution, the  Act  pursuant  to   which it is made or other relevant written law;
    • Infringes on fundamental rights and freedoms of the public;
    • Contains  a  matter  which  in  the  opinion  of  the  Committee  should  more properly be dealt with in an Act of the County Assembly;
    • Contains imposition of taxation;
    • Directly or indirectly bars the jurisdiction of the Courts;
    • Gives  retrospective  effect  to  any  of  the  provisions  in respect  of  which  the Constitution or the Act does not expressly give any such power;
    • Involves  expenditure  from  the  County  Revenue  Fund  or  other  public revenues;
    • Is  defective  in  its  drafting  or  for  any  reason  the  form  or  purport  of  the statutory instrument calls for any elucidation;
    • Appears to make some unusual or unexpected use of the powers conferred  by the Constitution or the Act pursuant to which it is made;
    • Appears  to  have  had  unjustifiable  delay  in  its  publication  or  laying  before County Assembly;
    • Makes rights , liberties or obligations unduly dependent upon non-reviewable decisions;
    • Makes rights , liberties or obligations unduly dependent insufficiently defined administrative powers;
    • Inappropriately delegates legislative powers;
    • Imposes  a  fine,  imprisonment  or  other  penalty  without  express  authority having been provided for in the enabling legislation;
    • Appears for any reason to infringe on the rule of law;
    • Inadequately subjects  the  exercise  of  legislative  power to County  Assembly scrutiny
  5. Public Accounts and Investments Committee
    The Public Accounts and Investments Committee is established pursuant to Standing Order no. 186 of the Vihiga County Assembly Standing Orders.The County Public Investments and Accounts Committee is responsible

    • The  examination  of  the  accounts  showing  the  appropriations  of  the  sum voted by the County Assembly to meet the public expenditure and of such other accounts laid before the County Assembly as the Committee may think fit.
    • The examination of the reports, accounts and workings of the county public investments;
    • The examination, in the context of the autonomy and efficiency of the county public investments, whether the affairs of the county public investments, are being managed in accordance with sound financial or business principles and prudent commercial practices:The County Public Accounts Committee consists of a chairperson and not more than four other Members.
      The County Public Accounts Committee constituted immediately following the general election serves for a period of three calendar years and that constituted there after shall serve for the remainder of the County Assembly term.
  6. Committee on Powers and Privileges.
    Inquiries into any alleged breach of the code of conduct by any member of the Assembly

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